Chhattisgarh: Blockchain for e-Governance Grand Challenge

          Chhattisgarh has always taken proactive steps in adopting digital technologies for better enablement of e-Governance. Thus, being the IT nodal agency, CHiPS (Chhattisgarh Infotech Promotion Society) has been exploring emerging technologies that could transform and improve landscape of public service delivery in the state, and Blockchain technology has been its primary focus. Various states and countries have deployed Blockchain technology for limited use-cases, whereas many states are inviting startups to conduct proof-of-concepts and pilots. The idea is to explore this nascent technology and identify suitable use-cases where its introduction could add some positive value. The proof-of-concepts and pilots also help the state in gaining insights on the prerequisites and necessities that will be coming during statewide implementation stage.


With this view in mind, CHiPS is organising a 'Chhattisgarh: Blockchain for e-Governance Grand Challenge’, where national and international startups, companies, and students will be encouraged to develop proof-of-concepts (PoCs) in selected 4 domains, and get a chance to work in future collaborations with the state along with designated prizes. The winners in each of the 4 domains/use-cases will be given a cash prize, with a total amounting to INR 14 lakh. Use-cases from 3 domains are outlined below, and the 4th use-case will be kept open to invite participants to come up with their own innovative use-cases for governance/ public sector and the proposed solutions.



Timelines :

The ‘Blockchain for e-Governance Grand Challenge’ will be conducted in the following stages:

  • 29th June- 13th July: Inviting proposals in PPT/ Word format.
  • 15th July- 6th: Shortlisted candidates to be asked to build on use-cases to develop proof-of-concepts.
  • 7th - 8th August: Submission/Presentation of developed proof-of-concept/s either in person at CHiPS office, or via Video Conference.
  • 9th August: Declaration of results.

Outline of use-cases (click below links):

  1. Use-case 1: Data Exchange Framework (with Trigger Management Platform)
  2. Use-case 2: e-Health records
  3. Use-case 3: Land records
  4. Use-case 4: Open innovation

Minimum details to be sent in the first round either in PPT or Word format. Index
1 Name of start-up/team members/company:
2 Date of establishment (if applicable):
3 Number of personnel/team members:
4 Whether team/start-up/company has experience of Blockchain technology:
5 Details of completed projects, if any (in less than 300 words):
6 Details of ongoing projects, if any ( in less than 300 words):
7 Details of proposed Proof of Concept for one of the 3 selected Use-cases. (in less than 300 words):
8 If you’re competing for the 4th category of Open Innovations, kindly give a detailed account of the problem being addressed and your proposed solution:
9 Details of authorized representatives with contact details:


(Entries for multiple use-cases should be sent separately)

All entries/queries should be sent to:

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Disclaimer: CHiPS (Chhattisgarh Infotech Promotion Society) reserves all rights and judgements regarding the entire module of 'Chhattisgarh: Blockchain for e Governance Grand Challenge', and can make any changes or cancellations or modifications to it without prior notice.

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