State Wide Area Network

Project Details:

The Chhattisgarh State Wide Area Network (CG-SWAN) is a very ambitious project to provide the State with a basic information technology backbone which will be utilized for carrying voice, data and voice traffic facilitating interdepartmental communication and data sharing within the State. CG-SWAN will be a safe, fast, reliable and cost effective network connecting all the 146 blocks of the State through a hybrid network consisting of MPLS leased line, RF and other network technologies. The project will enable instant online interaction among government departments / agencies resulting in obtaining reports on a real time, improving the workflow processes and the pace of decision-making. The project would act as a vehicle for effective implementation of eGovernance projects across the State.


  • One of the largest SWAN in India.
  • Minimum 6 Mbps connectivity till block level
  • Successfully integrated with National Knowledge Network (NKN) at district level
  • First SWAN to implement IPv6 (Dual Stack).
  • First SWAN to implement MPLS Leased Line upto block level.


  • Anywhere-Anytime access to Government Services for citizens
  • Availability of government services in cost-effective manner regardless of location
  • Prompt communication between citizens and the government
  • Better Monitoring and evaluation of Government Schemes with Management Information System (MIS)
  • Substantial Reduction in Communication Cost
  • Increases the productivity of the government due to reliable vertical and horizontal connectivity

Current Status:

  • M/s Bharti Airtel Ltd. has been selected after a transparent bidding process for Facility Management Service and AMC of CGSWAN Project.
  • Bandwidth provisions for Leased Lines, VSAT and Internet are being made by BSNL, Bharti Airtel Ltd, Reliance Communications Ltd and NKN respectively
  • No. of Point-of-Presence (PoPs)
DHQ 27
BHQ 120
BHQ with VSAT 2
Leased Line 323
RF 396
Extended LAN 63


  • 1st SWAN to implement 100% MPLS connectivity upto block level and IPv6 Schema.
  • One of the pilot states for NKN integration. 1st State to integrate all 17 DHQs with NKN by 2014.
  • New Video Conferencing Solution with minimum 150 concurrent sessions.
  • Video Conferencing Portal for reservation is introduced. Total 984 VCs have been conducted till date from December 2016 onwards.
  • Involvement of multiple bandwidth providers for better, consistent and quality bandwidth connectivity.
  • Upgradation of CGSWAN Firewall with latest NextGen Firewall and better Network Security Policy for enhanced security of network. (No impact of WannaCry Threat observed in CGSWAN Network)
  • New Enterprise Level Network Monitoring System and Helpdesk for better link monitoring and faster ticket lodging/resolution.
  • Connectivity to Commercial Tax Department has made the State ready for GST implementation.
  • Connectivity to Health Department for initiating Telemedicine Project in the State at 16 selected pilot locations.
  • Backhaul bandwidth/Connectivity to various projects such as City WiFi, CCTNS, Lok Seva Kendras, etc
  • Inauguration of CGSWAN 2.0 by Mr. Rajnath Singh, Honourable Home Minister, Government of India on 5th November 2016 during Rajyotsav Mela by interacting with Sukama District Collector Neeraj Bansod and sukama Municipal Council Chairperson Laxmi Bai through VC from Sukma DMC along with 157 districts & blocks.
  • CGSWAN-NICNET integration for seamless access to Government Applications and Websites for G2G and Citizen Services

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