Chief Minister Good Governance Fellowship Program


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Transparency and accountability are the key elements of good governance.Prime Minister Shri.Narendra Modi shared his vision for an India where governance processes need to emphasize upon these aspects. Digital India plays a very important role in achieving all the visionary goals.

Guided by the Prime Minister’s vision, Government of Chhattisgarh in its endeavour to harness experience, knowledge and youth energy of educated professionals has initiated a fellowship program, which will be a prominent step in building & promoting social service to elevate & transform the future development of the state. The state in its development agenda focuses on high economic growth, development of agriculture, innovation in education and use of advanced technology in governance. To achieve this goal, a Fellowship Program is initiated aiming to inspire the best professionals in various fields to execute projects in government domain and gain experience to advance as managers of excellence.

The Fellowship Program will be directed towards addressing successful implementation of high priority schemes of the State Government, especially ones aimed at improving the health indicators, poverty alleviation and those raising the level of literacy. This will involve creative and innovative application of knowledge to come out with solutions to address various issues in the state. It also involves unique opportunity to build partnership and to make a difference to the lives of the people and transform the society.

For the 2017-2019 program, a total of 42 fellows will be selected. Their distribution will be as follows:

  • 2 in HCM office
  • 1 in office of Chief Secretary
  • 12 in different department secretariats
  • 27 in district collector’s office

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