Capacity Building

Building Capacity

Chhattisgarh is aggressively taking strides in conducting capacity building exercises for its government employees. The mantra for introduction of IT in Government is no expenditure on recruitment of fresh personnel. A scheme of incentives would be introduced to motivate all Government employees to become computer proficient, Hardware supplies are being contracted with a compulsory clause on familiarization of employees in the operations. NISG (National Institute for Smart Government) and other leading institutes have been identified as organizations to help ‘Train the trainer’ to create a resource pool within the state for e-government initiatives in the state. State has given focus attention on capacity building as part of its strategy. The initiatives on capacity building focus not only the top most layer of the administrative machinery pyramid i.e the political executive but also the humble class IV employees of the Government. In a very ambitious training programme, whole Government machinery including the political executives, senior bureaucrats and all class of Government employees including class IV are being given computer training.

In order to increase the capacities of the college students, eClass room has been rolled out. For the benefit of school children, a very ambitious programme of creating Centre of Excellence for imparting education of each of the district headquarters is being in an advanced stage. This Centre of Excellence will have the 60 seater state-of-art laboratory for imparting IT education for school children.

The following are the landmarks of capacity building.

  • Basic Computer Training to all Classes of Employees
  • Basic Computer Training to MLA’s
  • Workshops on Specialized IT areas to the State Cabinet
  • Specialized training programmes to employees
  • Participation in Conferences / Seminars / Trade Fair

Capacity building under NeGP
Capacity Building of Women/ Girls/ SC- ST using ICT

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